I’m New

New to Second Baptist?

What About Service Times?

Sunday Morning Service

9:30am – Sunday School

10:30 am – Worship Service

Sunday Evening

6:00 pm – Bible Study

Wednesday Evening

6:00 pm – Adult Bible Study

6:00 pm – Children’s Desiring God


What Might You Expect?

Sunday morning services are more traditional in nature. Our music service consists of traditional hymns with a blend contemporary music from time to time. Dress wise, you might expect to see people dressed in anything from business casual to jeans. Other services through the week are more casual, jeans and t-shirts being common attire.


What About Your Children?

In Sunday School there is a place for everyone. A nursery is provided for ages up to 3 years old and classes for ages 4 and up. And, during our regular worship service, we have nursery provided for ages 3 and under. For ages 4 and up, we encourage parents to let their children learn to worship in our main gathering right alongside you! You may feel like your children are distracting, but it’s a joyous noise to hear children in our midst while we sing and hear the preaching of God’s Word. It’s great to teach them at a young age the importance of worshiping intergenerationally. They see mommy and daddy worshiping and priority given to the Bible and we believe very strongly that these are wonderful lessons to instill in a child at a very early age. We trust the sufficiency of Scripture to effect God’s intended purposes, no matter the age.


What Will Be Expected of You?

Absolutely nothing. If you are a guest at PVSBC we won’t ask you to sign anything, say anything or give a dime. Though you will be greeted by many friendly faces, there will be no guest badge to wear nor will you be asked to stand up in front of anyone nor will you be singled out in any way. There is a guest card that we would love for you to fill out so that we may get to know you better. However, if you would rather remain anonymous feel free to discard it. Our desire is that you, as our guest, feel at home as you join us in worship.


What is our Priority in Worship?

We believe that the greatest purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We believe, therefore, that the goal in worship is the glory of God. So, it is our endeavor to stick with what the Bible says pleases God in our corporate worship: Singing, preaching, praying, Scripture reading. These are all things you can expect during our main gathering. The gospel is our central focus in song, prayer, and preaching. Sermons are typically verse by verse through a Book of the Bible. We think that when the glory of God is maximized the quest to be ‘relevant’ fades in the background. In other words, God’s glory is relevant, and it is what is most important!



What is the Gospel?